3 Speed Adjustable Cordless Electric Grinder Drill


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3 Speed Adjustable Cordless Electric Grinder Drill USB Charging Rotary Tool Engraving Pen With 110 /138 /188 Accessories

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Cordless Electric Grinder Drill * USB Cable * Storage Box

Power Voltage: 3.6V
Input Power: 3W
Power: Built-in Rechargeable Battery
3 Speed: 5000r/min, 10000r/min, 15000r/min
Collect Chuck Diameter: 1-3.2mm
Size: Approx. 148x30mm/5.83×1.18 inch

* Durable And Reliable -Small volume, light weight, easily carry, comfortable grip handle, offers better control while drilling., convenient to use.
* Regulating Speed: This electric carving tool has 3 speed adjustment,speed adjustment range:5000-15000 r/min.
* Perfect electric grinder for cutting, engraving, milling, grinding, polishing, removing and drilling. The grinder engraving kit is necessary for DIY carving and grinding.
* Suitable for jade agate, nuclear carving, wood carving, grinding aluminum plate, thin copper board, plastic board, chipboard, printed circuit board, epoxy board.

For Safe Use:
1. When you finish using the unit, switch off the motor and ensure that all moving parts have come to a complete standstill.
2. Before using additional accessories not included in this set, always compare the maximum allowed RPM of that specific accessory with the RPM of this tool.
3. Immediately switch off the tool when electrical or mechanical malfunction.
4. Do not activate switch when changing accessories.
5. Never use the shaft lock when toll is running.
6. Ensure that the collet size corresponds with the shaft size of the accessory.
7. Store tool in locations where temperature will not exceed 50 degrees Celsius.

3 Speed Adjustable Cordless Electric Grinder Drill

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