3 IN 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun for DIY


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WORKPRO 3 IN 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun for DIY Home Decoration Furniture Stapler Manual Nail Gun with 800 Staples Nailer

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WORKPRO 4-in-1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Kit.

It comes with an aluminum heavy duty staple gun and 4000pcs staples of 4 different sizes which is ideal for outdoor and indoor repair, decoration and fastening

Heavy duty staple gun *1 PC,

Heavy duty D-type staples * 1000 PC (T50)

Light duty D-type staples * 1000 PC (JT21 )

U-type staples * 1000 PC (T21)

Brad Nails * 1000 PC (18GA)

Special Features – Safety & Convenience

  • Handle Lock
    Lock handle when not in use to ensure safety of both children and adults. Note: Last shot must be fired in order to be able to activate lock.Set handle lock on staple gun for more compact storage in a drawer, tool box, or backpack.
  • Reload Window
    Easily notice when staple supply is getting low so you can reload.
    Safety check: If staple gun hasn’t been used recently, easily check to see if there are staples remaining in the staple gun before pressing handle.
  • Pocket Clip
    Keep your staple gun by your side with the convenient pocket clip for everyday carry.



Fixing Woods
Fastening Material
Affixing Wire


3 IN 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun for DIY

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4 IN 1, 3 IN 1

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3 IN 1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun for DIY…

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